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The Registry is one of the most important elements in Windows. The moment it starts to fail, you're doomed!Luckily there are tools like Registry Reviver with which you can keep your Windows Registry in perfect shape. Registry Reviver is an...View full description


  • Nice interface
  • Easy to use
  • Can schedule scans


  • Improvements are not immediately noticeable

Not bad

The Registry is one of the most important elements in Windows. The moment it starts to fail, you're doomed!

Luckily there are tools like Registry Reviver with which you can keep your Windows Registry in perfect shape. Registry Reviver is an easy-to-use Registry analysis and repair utility, which scans the Registry in search of any possible problems – ActiveX entries, app paths, file references, keys, shared DLLs and more – and fixes all found errors, in just two clicks.

Before applying any changes to the system, Registry Reviver creates a restoration point that lets you go back to a previous state in case something goes wrong. The whole system analysis and repairing procedure is surprisingly quick, though as with other similar tools, it's hard to notice if your system really improved after the analysis.

In any case Registry Reviver is easy to use, features a nicely designed interface, can be scheduled to run analysis automatically and includes an extra tool to manage start-up programs.

If you're having problems with Windows Registry, try Registry Reviver: an easy-to-use, surprisingly quick Registry analysis tool!

Registry Reviver uses advanced technologies to repair the registry.

The registry is a key component of the Windows operating system, so much so that without it, Windows would not even run. When a new piece of hardware or software is installed in Windows, it stores its configuration into the registry. This allows Windows to retrieve that information at later dates such as when it is starting up. As Windows starts it will read the configuration in the registry and know what drivers need to be loaded, what settings to be applied, and what resources need to be allocated in order for this equipment to work. Because this information is stored in the registry on your hard drive, Windows has this information available each time it boots up.
The registry, though, is not only for operating system settings. User preferences and application settings are stored in the registry as well. When you change your desktop background or screen saver, these details are stored in the registry. When you shut down Windows and start it up again at a later date, your preferences are available and loaded automatically. Application settings such as what directory you would like to download files to or what your default font is in a word processor are stored here as well. As you can see the registry contains information that is not only vital to the use of the operating system, but also essential in allowing you to customize Windows to your particular tastes.
Over time, and with normal use, your computer's registry will become bloated and filled with errors. This is especially true as software, drivers, and hardware components are added and removed from your computer. With so many additions, deletions and other modifications, your Windows registry can become filled with errors, empty destinations and orphaned references, or even corrupted. Registry Reviver uses the most advanced technologies available to analyze errors in your registry and, more importantly repair them, to restore optimum performance to your PC.

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